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A family of four survived an early morning house fire Tuesday in large measure because of the home's smoke detectors, fire officials say.

Jack Snow, a captain with Murray City Fire Department, said the family was awakened by the sound of smoke alarms as the garage of a split-entry home at 6107 S. Crystal River Drive (1090 West) became engulfed in flames. They then called 911.No one was seriously injured, but a 15-year-old neighbor who tried to douse the fire with a garden hose was taken to Cottonwood Hospital for smoke inhalation.

The 3:15 a.m. blaze caused an estimated $80,000 in structural damage and destroyed a $28,000 1996 Ford Bronco and two other cars, Snow said. Investigators think the blaze may have started from a smoldering cigarette inside the garage.

"This was definitely an example where the detectors saved lives. When firefighters first arrived, a big ball of fire poured out of the garage," Snow said. An explosion followed as combustibles and accelerants inside the area burst into flames.