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Prosecutors call Stephen Murdock an accident victim - an armed robber who was struck and killed when a pursuing van veered out of control.

His wife won't accept it. Marilyn Murdock's said she's "heard certain things" indicating her husband was deliberately run over. Maybe even repeatedly.But Salt Lake District Attorney Neal Gunnarson calls that allegation false.

"It is a rumor that the driver ran over (Murdock) twice," he said.

On Tuesday, Gunnarson's office opted not to file criminal charges against Richard Moser, saying they don't believe he intended to kill Murdock. The 33-year-old Cineplex-Odeon Theater manager hit and killed Murdock on April 28 after being robbed and assaulted outside a Sandy bank.

Moser and a female companion were making a late-night deposit at Zions Bank, 125 W. 10600, when they were reportedly ambushed by Murdock and another masked man.

After grabbing the money, Murdock and his partner split-up and ran off. Moser chased Murdock in his van about 100 yards, following him into a field. The driver told investigators he passed over uneven terrain, hit a mound and lost control of the van before hitting Murdock. He then chased after the second robber, who escaped.

Gunnarson said his office would have had a difficult time securing a criminal conviction because Moser's story appeared accurate and there were no witnesses to dispute his account.

Tuesday's decision upset Marilyn Murdock, who is debating whether to file some kind of civil suit.

"What my husband did was wrong," she said, adding, "I'm as sick of the criminal (problems) as everyone else." Still, she hopes investigators will keep the case open and locate additional witnesses to verify Moser's account.

She said the pain of the past 10 days has been sharpened by erroneous reports about her husband using a knife on Moser and several pieces of hate mail sent to Steven Murdock's funeral.