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It is now 7:22 on Thursday morning and I have just witnessed a series of incredibly stupid and irresponsible acts. Sandy City fire engine No. 31 came from the east on 9400 South with the red lights flashing and the strobe lights flashing and the siren wailing and the horn blasting. Traffic on State Street kept right on moving through the intersection. Some drivers slowed a bit, so it was apparent that they were aware of the engine, yet they continued on their way without allowing the firefighters to make their turn to the south of State.

I include the time and location because I would like your readers to reflect upon how this outrageous behavior might have affected their own families or their own neighbors. I have no idea where or why the firefighters were going, but it was clearly an emergency. Someone needed help. Everyone of you who deliberately delayed the arrival of that help should feel guilty of being totally without compassion or common sense.Charles J. Welle