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The FBI rented portable air packs and recruited a firefighter to search a tunnel complex near Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski's mountain cabin, the Helena Independent Record reported Wednesday.

A volunteer with the fire department in nearby Lincoln helped federal agents explore the tunnels two days after Kaczynski was arrested April 3, the newspaper said.The report did not describe the extent of the tunnel complex or say where it is located in relation to the 10-by-14-foot plywood and tar-pa-per cabin. It also didn't say whether anything was recovered from the tunnels.

Agents rented two self-contained breathing apparatuses, or air packs, from the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department, and recruited a firefighter with ex-peri-ence in "searching for explosives," the newspaper said.

FBI officials in Washington, D.C., and Helena would not comment on the report.

Lincoln Fire Chief Bill Cyr confirmed only that "the FBI rented some air bottles from the fire department to go underground."

The report may explain why Kaczynski's hair was matted with dirt and his face and clothing heavily smudged the night of his arrest. A reporter who witnessed Kaczynski's arrival in Helena said it appeared he had been rolling in dirt.

Kaczynski has been in jail in Helena without bond since his arrest. He faces a federal charge of possessing bomb making materials.

He is suspected of being the Unabomber, whose bombings killed three people and injured 23 over 18 years. He has not been charged with any of those attacks.