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Parade Magazine's Walter Scott, obliging a reader's impertinent curiosity about actress Halle Berry's state of mind since she took a powder from her baseball-superhero husband, Dave Justice, has this quote in next week's issue:

"I am very sad about my divorce, but I feel my life is moving in the right direction."Without a husband I can concentrate on my career more," Halle told Walter.

And, really, isn't that what it's all about?

"I'm just happy I have a career that will keep me busy during this tough time."

- SPEAKING OF CAREERS, Fergie, until recently the Duchess of York, reportedly is hoping - not unlike Halle Berry - to have a career she can concentrate on in lieu of a husband.

Accordingly, rumor has it that she's pounding the pavement in New York in search of suitable employment. One of her first stops, we hear, was at the offices of public-relations wizard Howard Ruben-stein, whom she hopes will get her a job endorsing someone's products.

"I'm very impressed with her," Howard tells the press. "She's very intelligent and has done a lot of charity work. She has a very positive story to tell."

- FERGIE, CONTINUED: Things become, if possible, even more interesting as Women's Wear Daily reports that Fergie is in fact shopping her talents with fashion designers like Donna Karan and Tommy Hilfiger in hopes of nailing down a runway gig.

But why is she going to all this bother?

"I'm a working mother," the ex-duchess explains, a bit belatedly.

- Roger Anderson