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EMILY's List members are not donating to any Utah candidates this year. Nor will Utah be included in EMILY's "Women Vote!" campaign during the 1996 elections.

Still, Utah is important to the first-ever women's political action committee, says Dee Ertukel, senior adviser to EMILY's List. EMILY's mission is to help women - pro-choice Democratic women - win federal elections.Ertukel came to Salt Lake City for a fund-raising reception Tuesday. She asked Utahns who donate to EMILY's List to bring a friend to the party, a prospective new member. About 100 people made reservations for the event, which was hosted by Annette Cumming.

Ertukel will visit 120 cities this year. She says, "This is grass-roots organizing, one-by-one recruiting."

Ellen Malcolm founded EMILY's List in 1985. EMILY stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast (it makes the dough rise). Two similar political action committees started soon after EMILY's List - one for pro-choice Republican women and one for Republican women in general. With 33,000 members, EMILY's List remains the largest of the three.

Members pay $100 to the organization. They also promise to contribute $100 per two-year cycle to at least two congressional candidates. The members then receive "the list," profiles of viable candidates from which they make their own selection. Not every pro-choice Democratic woman who is running for Congress makes EMILY's List.