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The skies are clearing for travelers heading overseas.

Four-fifths of U.S. airline flights to and from other countries will soon be smokeless, the Transportation Department said Tuesday.Currently all domestic flights are smoke free.

Three major carriers have agreed to introduce no-smoking flights overseas starting June 1, the department said.

- USAir will ban smoking in all flights.

- American Airlines will ban smoking on flights to and from Europe, the Caribbean and to some destinations in Mexico.

- United Airlines will ban smoking on flights across the Atlantic and within Europe except between Washington Dulles International Airport and Milan, Italy. United will also ban smoking on trans-Pacific flights and those within Asia except certain flights to Tokyo.

In addition, the department noted that Delta Air Lines already has a worldwide no-smoking policy, and Trans World Airlines recently banned smoking on flights between the United States and France, Germany and Britain.

Smoking is also banned on flights to and from the United States aboard Lufthansa German Airlines and Finnair, the department said.