A squatter arrested twice for returning to the church lawn where he said God wanted him to live was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in prison.

Jim Dunn, 52, also was ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation and pay $200 in fines.Dunn started living on the lawn of First Congregational Church more than a year ago, after another church asked him to leave its parking lot. He stayed in a makeshift tent, accompanied by his dog, a collie named Kaye, and used rest rooms at nearby gas stations.

Many church members at first welcomed him, but after a few rats appeared, the congregation voted on May 16 to ask him to leave.

He was arrested Friday and bailed out Saturday by someone who anonymously posted his $220 bail - then arrested Sunday and bailed out again on Monday by another anonymous donor, this time posting his $60 bail.

Dunn, 52, was arrested again Tuesday after failing to appear in court for the earlier charges. He pleaded guilty to trespassing and contempt charges Tuesday.

In the meantime, the dog is being taken care of at the city pound because Dunn refuses to let the dog be adopted. He says it is God's dog.