Dennis Rodman is turning Frank Brickowski into Frank Berserkowski.

The 12-year Seattle SuperSonics veteran is literally being taken out of the NBA Finals.For the second time in the series, Brickowski was ejected from a game Sunday when referee Dick Bavetta called him for a flagrant foul for knocking down Rodman with 5:46 left in the Bulls' 108-86 Game 3 victory.

Brickowski can get a hat trick with his third ejection in Game 4 Wednesday night. Don't laugh. It could happen.

Rodman has Brickowski, 36, playing like a frustrated rookie. Brickowski knows what's coming yet just can't stop himself from biting at the bait.

On Wednesday night, Brickowski was ejected from Game 1 in Chicago after knocking down Rodman in the second quarter and being called for a flagrant foul. Brickowski said something and got a technical for an automatic ejection. It might as well have been a flagrant foul.

Wearing sunglasses and a blue bandanna in the interview room after the game, Rodman crowed about being as effective on the court psychologically as he was as a rebounder.

Chicago leads the series 3-0 and can close out Seattle Wednesday night, in large part because of Rodman, the five-time NBA rebounding champion who is averaging 14.3 rebounds and 7.3 points.

"Seattle is totally out of its rhythm and their game," Rodman said. "They're trying to get in my head. But you have to understand one thing: You can't mess with the master."

"He's successful," conceded Brickowski, the Sonics' enforcer. "You have to give him credit. He's winning. They're winning. He's getting the calls. I'd be doing the same thing if I could get away with it."

Naturally, Seattle coach George Karl took his player's side.

"It was a lot of good acting," Karl said. "It looked like Dennis walked into Frank's elbow, and the hit was enough to knock down a player of Dennis' size."

His tattoos and rainbow hair aside, the Chicago forward is proving to be almost as good at psychology as rebounding.

"I don't know why we're falling for his antics, but we are," Detlef Schrempf of the Sonics said.

Scottie Pippen says his teammate is doing all the right things.

"Getting into their heads - he really made a difference in closing this game out," Pippen said.

Asked what he expected in Game 4 Wednesday night from Brickowski, Rodman broke into a grin. "See if we can go out to dinner," he said.