Former Colorado Gov. Richard Lamm says he's willing to accept the presidential nomination of Ross Perot's Reform Party ticket if, as he suspects, Perot doesn't take it.

"If nominated I would run; if elected I would serve," the 60-year-old Democrat declared Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."Lamm has worked with other centrist politicians since last year on creating a third party, and he said Perot's new party, which stresses the need for greater fiscal integrity, fits his goals.

"I like them, I've liked everyone that I've talked to," he said. "This is a party that is equal to the magnitude of the problem because they're not going to promise tax cuts, they're not going to promise to reduce the gas tax until next January."

Lamm said he wouldn't decide firmly whether to run until Perot makes it clear whether he will seek the Reform Party nomination. But he predicted the Texas billionaire, who won nearly a fifth of the vote in the 1992 presidential election, would not run.

"I think that he realizes that he's too much of a target, and that if he can get a movement started, that's what he wants," Lamm said.