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Government action

Utah County Commission

In its June 11 meeting, the County Commission:

- Approved an agreement with Northstar Multimedia Communications Inc. to provide fiber-optic cable between Provo and Spanish Fork.

- Approved three project agreements with AT&T for upgrading the various telephone facilities of the county as required to add the new security center into the system.

- Ratified the bids accepted by the county clerk/auditor at the 1996 annual real property tax sale.

- Approved an agreement between Utah County and Bill Wright for advertising signs to be placed on a wagon in the Utah Centennial Wagon Train.

- Approved submission of an amendment adding noxious weed certification requirements to the Utah County Zoning Ordinance to the Planning Commission.

- Referred three agriculture protection area applications from Cherry Hill Farms Inc. to the Agriculture Protection Area Advisory Board and Utah County Planning Commission for review.