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"Charlee and Brian," the new morning DJs on KBER (alias "The Bear," FM-101.1), say they're seeking to broaden the show's audience.

Charlee Simons and Brian Suits (their real names) want to target more males ages 18-49 with their 5:30-10 a.m. weekday show.They say the previous morning team, "Mick and Allen" (now working mornings at KUTQ) were stuck in the "hair band" rock era of the 1980s. Simons and Suits want to play more music and concentrate on 1990s rock.

"We want to shape the way Salt Lake rocks," said Simons, 36. He hopes to play an average of 10 songs per hour.

He said a lot of talk belongs on AM radio stations, not on FM.

The DJs also say they want to attract families, and they can do so by avoiding the risque approach the previous KBER morning show had.

Simons, who came to KBER from KZHT (FM-94.9), said he strives to reach his audience with phone calls.

"Make them (the listeners) the stars and then we shine," he said.

The DJs also know how to pull off stunts. They made several wagers on the Jazz winning in the NBA playoffs with out-of-state radio stations. DJs at a San Antonio station backed out of their bet with the KBER personalities after Utah won that series.

However, after Seattle defeated Utah on June 2, "Charlee and Brian" faced the music with some Seattle DJs, who said the Utah personalities would be receiving a visit by a Seattle hypnotist who specializes in increasing bust sizes as a part of their losing the bet.

Simons started in radio at age 19. He said he truly enjoys what he does.

He hails from San Jose, Calif., and has worked there, in San Francisco and in Modesto.

"I came to Utah for the easier lifestyle," he said.

Suits was raised in Seattle. He's worked numerous radio jobs, including as a producer in Los Angeles.

He met Simons in Modesto, Calif., where they worked together at KHOP.

"The focus is still comedy," Suits said of his role as a DJ.

In his spare time, Suits is a member of the Utah National Guard.

"We can make it with the best of them," Simons said.

Each day "Charlee and Brian" have a different theme for their show. Monday is "Moaners Day,"and there's a prize for the best one from a listener.

Tuesday is "Talent Day," with singing or some other performance required for prizes.

Wednesday is "Do-Something-Stupid Day," while Thursday is "Baffle the DJs Day" with a question and win.

Friday is the wide-open, wild card day.

"Charlee and Brian" also plan on using computers soon to have their own Web page and e-mail.

"Radio must go digital to survive," Suits said.

Producer for the DJs is Darby Wilcox. He formerly produced for "Jon and Dan."

The KBER sports reporter is Barry O'Donnell, alias "Diamond Barry."

The DJs also expect that KBER will begin airing "Love Lines," a national overnight romance call-in show, from 11 p.m.-1 a.m., sometime this month.

- KUBL (alias "K-Bull," FM-93.3) will be presenting the Bull Fest Country Music Festival on Saturday, June 15, at the Utah State Fairpark. John Anderson and Pirates of the Mississippi are among the groups scheduled to entertain.

- 10 YEARS AGO - KFAM (AM-700) won a Golden Microphone award for a commercial by Lynette Baum. KSL's 47-year-old Western Electric transmitter is replaced by a solid-state, 50,000-watt transmitter.