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Our horses have found that investing is like farming - what you get out of it depends on what you put into it and when. OTC, Blue Chip and Lipper Mutual managed to finally get their plants in the ground and held win, place and show even with losses of $128, $56 and $101. Lipper International, in fourth, fertilized his investment garden with a $5 gain. The savers' vegetable patches won't win any awards, but gains mark them all as victory gardens. Money Market's produce netted him a $9 gain at the farmers market, good for fifth. EE Bonds, in sixth, found his $9 gain almost as sweet as his home-grown sweet corn. 90-Day CD, in seventh, has tomatoes ripening on his windowsill worth an $8 gain. A freak frost put Gold in eighth with a $71 loss and Silver in ninth with a loss of $228. 30-Year T-Bond lost another $208.