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Your editorial in the June 8 paper regarding the health-care industry should be extended to all industries. The fear of not making a service or product at a profitable level jeopardizes the quality of that service or product, especially when "downsizing" and increasing the price tag is the solution. We are experiencing that today as consumers. We pay more but receive less quality for the buck.

My old-fashioned idea of paying for the service rendered is part of the American work ethic. If you do not produce the service you want to be paid for, why do you expect to be paid for what you have not produced? I believe in paying my debts. I do not have the desire to "stiff" anybody.But I do not like being "stiffed" either. There are always two sides to every business transaction.

The secret of financial success is capturing the lion's share of the market.

Sometimes a business would be a lot smarter to make adjustments with customers, where a service or product did not reach expectations; develop a good rapport with customers, so as to increase business opportunity in a given market situation. When it is known that a business will seek to satisfy its customers and offer a good-quality product or service at the lowest cost possible, that will bring customers to the doors and that will keep business profitable.

Raymond D. Mills

Salt Lake City