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Grabbing sticks and skates as they vie for Lord Stanley's Cup, the equities were shooting on goal, but the others played like they'd taken one too many pucks to the head. No hat tricks or MVP honors this week. OTC, Blue Chip and Lipper Mutual, although currently in first, second and third places for the year to date, lost $203, $199 and $169, respectively, last week. Lipper International retained fourth even after being checked with a $11 loss. The savers have the goalie mentality - they guard their money like they guard the goal. Money Market, EE Bonds and 90-day CD remain in fifth, sixth and seventh places with respective gains of $9, $9 and $8. Silver and Gold may try to body check inflation, but with gains of $19 and $5 only managed to hold eighth and ninth places. In last place, despite a recent comeback, 30-year T-Bond tended goal with blinders on - $122 and a half-dozen shots from the blue line flew right by him.