If anyone ever had any question about what is wrong with this country, all they needed to do was read "News Capsules" on Page A5 of the Deseret News on June 8.

Under "Across the Nation," there were two items that will answer any questions as to why morality is declining and crime is running amok in America.The first article, "To Serve Time," tells of a man in California who received a jail sentence for feeding the homeless without a permit. The second, "Reversed," tells of a court in New York throwing out the conviction of an admitted murderer because the police had no right to search his car when they found the body of the man he had murdered. They also found guns and cocaine. But the court voted 4-1 to suppress his confession and the body of the victim as evidence against him because the police had no right to even ask him if they could search his vehicle. What is wrong with this picture? Where are our priorities?

Marvin Carter

Salt Lake City