Tom Draschil, Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, has recently been viciously attacked because he once supported America's most decorated Green Beret commander, Bo Gritz, when Gritz ran for political office.

An example of this appeared in a recent editorial saying Gritz has been a racist, anti-Semitic, right-wing-conspiracy nut for years. This, of course, was a setup to bring up the fact that Draschil once supported Gritz. Then, once this connection was made, the reader was supposed to conclude that Draschil must be racist.Unfortunately, this old-fashioned mudslinging still works in politics. Even Chris Cannon, Draschil's opponent in the primary, got in a few swipes Monday afternoon on KSL, which seems to indicate that his new political strategy is to imply that Draschil is a racist and thus label him as a radical and extremist.

I hope that voters will not be fooled by these desperate attempts to bypass the real issues such as the international bureaucracies of GATT, WTO and NAFTA, which Cannon supports and Draschil opposes.

Cannon's radio commercials say that he supports states' rights and wants the federal bureaucracies reduced or eliminated on the local levels, and yet he supports these international bureaucracies that will destroy U.S. sovereignty.

Eugene Flaker