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Across the land on Sunday mornings the nation's churches are filled with people seeking spiritual nourishment and fulfillment. It may be, as some have said, the most segregated hour of the week, but even in their mostly separate churches, black and white Americans will worship the same God and come together as a family of faith.

Imagine how you would feel if your church had been reduced to charred ruins by the twisted minds who so far have destroyed more than 30 black churches in the South? The first question that comes to mind is what kind of person would torch God's house? What is their message or cause? Do they really think that burning a church building can destroy a church's heart and soul - its people?Whether it turns out to be an organized campaign of terror or the random acts of evildoers among us, the arsonists behind the latest rash of church burnings are the kindred souls of the Ku Klux Klan, the night riders and all the other cowards who fire-bombed churches and synagogues in the 1960s throughout the South. Among their victims were four little black girls who died when a bomb ripped through their Birmingham church during the Sunday school hour. Although the bombers may not have realized it at the time, their dynamite attack was directed as much at Judeo-Christian values as at the civil rights forces commanded by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.