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Tom Draschil finds himself in nearly the same position now as he did two years ago: a slight underdog in the 3rd Congressional District race. A late entry in 1994, the former Texan nearly pulled off a win. This time around, he started campaigning early and often.

Draschil has lobbied on local, state and national levels. He renovates old homes for a living, isn't nearly as well off financially as his Republican opponent. Without spending nearly as much money, he has managed to make his name known throughout the district.Draschil, 46, believes his views more closely reflect those of the district. The ultraconservative National Eagle Forum endorsed him. He said the election is about who understands the values of the district and who is the best Republican to face Democratic Rep. Bill Orton.

Draschil is a staunch supporter of states' rights. He believes the federal government has involved itself in many areas, such as education, that it has no business being in. He also says the federal government should be backing out of southern Utah wilderness areas, a key difference between himself and his GOP opponent.

They also differ on term limits and foreign trade. Draschil opposes term limits. On trade, he favors repealing recent trade agreements the United States has entered into.

Draschil favors a flat tax. He said Congress should revisit plans that allow states to control tax rates and provide a percentage to the federal government. He said he won't go to Congress to get along. He says he will never compromise his principles.