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BOMBING: A car bomb exploded in a market south of Algiers, killing four people and injuring 11 others, witnesses said Sunday. The explosives went off Saturday in a bazaar in Blida, 30 miles south of the Algerian capital. Witnesses said four of the injured were seriously hurt, including a local merchant who had both legs amputated. The government did not comment on the bombing and there was no claim of responsibility.POVERTY DOWN: The quality of life of poor people has improved significantly in South Asia but their numbers continue to rise, a World Bank report said Sunday. Infant mortality has dropped, more children are going to school and people are living longer, according to the report, "Poverty Reduction and the World Bank: Progress and Challenges in the 1990s." Although the number of poor people in the region rose by about 35 million between 1987 and 1993, the percentage of people earning less than $1 a day fell from 45.1 percent to 43.1 percent during that period, said the report, which was released in Washington and made available in New Delhi.

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SUSPECT ARRIVES: Theodore Kaczynski, the suspect in the Unabomber attacks, arrived in Sacramento, Calif., under heavy guard Sunday on a flight from Montana to face federal charges. Kaczynski was moved to a downtown jail shortly before noon in a caravan of seven security vehicles, one of them a black, armored utility vehicle, said U.S. Marshal Jerry Enomoto. Kaczynski was placed in a special federal unit at the downtown Sacramento County jail about six blocks from the federal courthouse, sheriff's officers said. Kaczynski was indicted in Sacramento on Tuesday on 10 counts of transporting, mailing and using bombs.

In Washington

ACTIVISTS MARCH: Animal rights activists marched to the Capitol Sunday preaching love and compassion for all animals - human and non-human. "If people saw and experienced what is done to animals, if they saw the atrocities done to fellow creatures of life, they would stop (eating meat)," said actor James Cromwell at the March for the Animals sponsored by the National Alliance for Animals. Cromwell, the human star of the movie "Babe," said he became a vegan, eschewing meat and animal products like eggs, milk and cheese, after making the Academy Award-nominated film about a pig who thinks he's a sheepdog. About 3,000 people marched from the White House to the Capitol, U.S. Park Police said.

GORE ATTACK: Vice President Al Gore, speaking from his Tennessee farm where he once raised tobacco, renewed his attacks Sunday on Bob Dole's connections to the tobacco industry. "Somebody who gets that much money from them puts himself at risk if he goes out and parrots their line," Gore said on CNN's "Late Edition." He noted that the tobacco industry is the major contributor to the Republican Party. "The Republican National Committee is virtually a wholly owned subsidiary of the tobacco industry."