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Davis School District

In its June 18 meeting, the Board of Education:

- Approved the proposed budget for the 1996-97 fiscal year. The 1995-96 budget was amended, mainly to reflect greater revenues such as an unexpected influx of $144,000 in federal impact aid. "That's the kind of thing you like to see come in the mail," said business manager Bruce Williams.

- Approved an agreement with the district's classified employees, including a 4.4 percent cost-of-living increase.

- Approved the sale of $12.4 million in tax anticipation notes, to be paid off within a year with tax revenues. The yearly procedure is necessary because the district needs to spend money before getting the bulk of tax revenues, said Superintendent Richard Kendell.

Government action

Layton City

In its June 21 meeting, the Layton City Council:

- Held a public hearing and approved the rezoning from A to R-1-6 of a 4.87-acre parcel at 1650 N. 100 West. The rezone request was sent back once to the Planning Commission for another review.

- Held a public hearing and approved a rezone request from A to R-2 (PRUD) for 1.5 acres at 600 N. Fairfield Rd. An 18-unit condo project of triplexes and six-plexes is planned.

- Approved a parcel split and rezone on 0.42 acres at 382 N. 2200 West to allow construction of a single family home.

- Approved a list of new permitted and conditional uses in the city's business and professional office areas.

- Approved amendments to the city's 1995-96 current budget and the city's 1996-97 budget. The fiscal year starts July 1.

- Gave preliminary approval to a site plan for Deere Valley Subdivision on the slopes of Kays Creek Hollow.

- Approved the vacation of an easement along the rear of the Valley View LDS Stake Center at 1589 E. Gentile St.

Davis Council of Governments

At its June 19 meeting, the Davis COG:

- Awarded an additional $177,000 in federal CDBG money to four cities: $50,000 each to Sunset, West Point and Clinton, and $27,000 to Farmington.

- Appointed Farmington Mayor Greg Bell as chairman of a new countywide open spaces committee.

- Set an Aug. 26 meeting with Davis-area legislators at 5 p.m. to discuss issues in the next session of the Legislature.

- Heard a history and current review of the Wasatch Front Regional Council from Director Wil Jefferies.


In its meeting June 19, the City Council:

- Approved the subdivision of Alan Packard's lot at 3218 S. 675 West into two. Packard's neighbor Mary Litster had complained that the division was illegal, going so far as to hire an attorney who threatened to sue the council if it approved the action. Neither Litster nor her attorney were present at two meetings in which the council was scheduled to discuss the item.


In its June 18 meeting, the City Council:

- Set a public hearing for July 16, 6:30 p.m. to rezone one-half acre at 40 W. 100 South from residential to professional-business.

- Held public hearings and amended the current year budget and approved the 1996-97 budget.

- Approved South Bench subdivision, phases six and seven, near south Main Street.

- Amended sewer rates to reflect a $1 increase for residences and $2 for businesses as a result of action from the Central Davis Sewer District.