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Amid security that included an armored convoy, aerial surveillance and a motorcycle escort, Theodore Kac-zyn-ski was whisked to a downtown jail to await arraignment on Una-bomber-related charges.

Kaczynski, his hands and feet shackled and wearing a white bulletproof vest, arrived Sunday on a U.S. marshal's jet from Montana. In a procession that included at least one helicopter and a black armored van, he was taken to a special lockup at the Sacramento County jail about six blocks from the federal courthouse.There, he will await arraignment sometime this week on a 10-count federal indictment, handed down Tuesday, charging him with transporting, mailing and using bombs in four Sacramento-linked attacks.

It charges him in the first fatal Unabomber attack, a 1985 blast that killed computer store owner Hugh Scrutton, and the last fatal bombing, which killed timber lobbyist Gilbert Murray in April 1995.

The Unabomber is believed responsible for 16 attacks that killed three people and injured 23 over 18 years.

Kaczynski, whose trial is not expected to begin for several months, could face execution if convicted in either death. However, the Justice Department has not said if it will seek the death penalty.

Lead defense lawyer Quin Den-vir said he he met with Kac-zyn-ski for about an hour Sunday.

"I stopped by to see if he was OK," Denvir told radio station KFBK.

Denvir declined to say whether they discussed the case but said he would focus on assembling a team of lawyers and preparing the defense, which he likened to "being the first batter in the first inning."

The 54-year-old Kaczynski, who was arrested April 3 at his isolated Montana cabin, appeared in court Friday in Helena, Mont., and waived his right to fight a Justice Department request to move him to Sacramento.

He is now in a cell about the same size as that 10-foot-by-12-foot shack in which he lived for most of the past 20 years but with amenities that his Montana cabin did not have, such as a toilet, sink and running water.

He will remain in his cell for 23 hours a day, being let out for an hour to exercise or shower, said Sharon Telles, a spokeswoman for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

Officials had said Friday that Kaczynski would not arrive until Monday evening.

"That information was given in good faith, but Montana could not accommodate that schedule," U.S. Marshal Jerry Enomoto said Sunday, adding that the problem was logistical and that no threats had been received against Kaczynski.

Security for his future court appearances will be tight, with an armored vehicle to shuttle him from jail to court and an X-ray machine and metal detector outside the courtroom.

Crews also have been cutting away tree limbs and foliage to remove obstructions along the route from the county jail to the federal courthouse as part of a plan to protect Kaczynski.