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O.J. Simpson was ordered to give more deposition testimony in the wrongful-death lawsuit against him and answer questions on such matters as his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson and what types of shoes he wears.

Superior Court Judge Alan Haber on Tuesday ordered Simpson to spend another half-day giving closed-door testimony but ruled out a number of areas of inquiry and told plaintiffs' lawyers not to ask repetitious questions.Simpson has already testified for 10 days for the lawsuit that blames him for the 1994 slayings of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Gold-man.

"They've had two full weeks with Mr. Simpson," his lawyer, Robert Baker, complained. "Enough is enough. The rest of the case ought to be tried in the courtroom."

Simpson vowed the day he was acquitted in October to conduct a search for the real killer or killers.

Haber ruled that lawyers can ask about the search but that Simpson can refuse to answer if the subject invades attorney-client privilege. His lawyers said the privilege applies.

The judge also allowed questions about recently discovered photographs that purport to show Simpson wearing Bruno Magli shoes in a style similar to those linked to the crime scene during Simpson's trial last year.

The judge was to hold a hearing Wednesday on whether Simpson's friend Al Cowlings will be required to answer more questions. Cowl-ings testified in April.

Also Tuesday, Haber ordered the arrest of a Simpson friend who failed to show up for his scheduled deposition.

The judge said he would require $25,000 bail when Dr. Ronald Fish-man is arrested and that he would also hold a contempt hearing for him. Fishman, a chiropractor, recorded videotapes of Simp-son and daughter Sydney at a dance recital just hours before the June 12, 1994, slayings.

In other rulings, the judge decided that:

- Goldman's sister Kim need not answer questions about how her family is financing its part of the case.

- Nicole Simpson's sister, Denise Brown, must respond to questions about her relationship with the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation and whether she is compensated for her work. She must also say if she received money from tabloid newspapers and TV appearances and whether she has a book deal.

- Robert Kardashian, who has claimed attorney-client privilege regarding his conversations and relationship with Simpson, need not answer further questions that fall within that privilege.

- Plaintiffs are not permitted to probe the views of two forensic experts who worked for the defense during the criminal trial.