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There is a new photography workshop coming in September that adds an interesting and attractive dimension to photo learning. It's called the Kauai PhotoTrek, and it combines workshops and an enjoyable family respite in a popular vacation site - Hawaii.

The Kauai PhotoTrek is a series of instructional classes scheduled for Sept. 8-28. The workshops, which include two hours a day of lectures plus picture-shooting sessions, are open to beginning, intermediate and advanced photographers. They are designed to give photographers with families an opportunity to expand their photographic horizons without having to leave their loved ones at home. Single photographers can participate, too.For these workshops, photographers can sign up for a Lecture Card that will provide access to many classes taught by some of today's leading photographers. Instructors include Morton Beebe, who does work for the National Geographic Society; Rick McIntyre, another widely published photographer; Boyd Norton, author of 13 books about photography; Lou Jones, a commercial photographer based in Boston, and Doug Peebles, a Hawaiian photographer who has authored 20 books featuring his home state.

Topics include: "Great Photos With Any Camera," "The Perfect Family Album," "Photography and the Home Computer," "Photo-graphing Our National Parks," "Selling Travel Photos," "Wedding and Portrait Photography," "All About the Advanced Photo System" and "Photographing Family and Friends."

The lectures and picture-shooting sessions are scheduled at different times and in different areas to enable the participants to enjoy learning at their convenience and to have fun on their Hawaiian holiday.

The Kauai PhotoTrek is jointly sponsored by Popular Photography and American Photo magazines, Minolta, Konica, the Kauai Tourist Board, United Vacations and United Airlines.

For a free brochure on this new workshop, contact United Vacations at (800) 32-TOURS. The brochure describes the photo courses in detail and lists the costs of various photo-vacation packages. The most popular sites on the island of Kauai are also described.