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Democrat Republican

Bill Clinton (inc.) President Robert Dole

Al Gore (inc.) Vice president to be nominated

Jim Bradley Governor Mike Leavitt (inc.)

Shari Holweg Lt. governor Olene Walker (inc.)

Greg Sanders Congress, 1st District Jim Hansen (inc.)

Ross Anderson Congress, 2nd District Merrill Cook

Bill Orton (inc.) Congress, 3rd District Chris Cannon

Jan Graham (inc.) Attorney general Scott Burns

Karen Truman State auditor Auston Johnson (inc.)

D'Arcy Pignanelli State treasurer Ed Alter (inc.)

Paulina Flint S.L. County commissioner Brent Overson (inc.)

no candidate Utah County commissioner Gary Herbert (inc.)

Kathleen Collinwood Davis County commissioner Gayle Stevenson (inc.)

Neil Hansen Weber County commissioner Glen Burton

Ron Allen Tooele County commissioner Gary M. Griffith (inc.)

Sheldon Richins (inc.) Summit County commissioner no candidate

no candidate Wasatch County commissioner LaRen Provost (inc.)

Proposed amendments to the Utah Constitution:

1. Allows state income-tax revenue to fund higher-education, in addition to public-education, programs.

2. Generally cleans up the revenue and taxation article.

3. Allows property-tax breaks for disabled veterans.

4. Lends the state's good credit rating to school districts.

5. Requires minimum of four jurors for any type of trial, 12 jurors for capital-offense trials.