Four "Flying Elvises" trying to skydive into a parking lot to entertain a crowd were blown off course, crashing onto land and into Boston Harbor. One died Wednesday and another was hospitalized.

The four stuntmen, costumed in fringed white jumpsuits with slicked-back hair and sunglasses, were supposed to swoop over the crowd celebrating Tuesday's grand opening of the outdoor WaterWorks nightclub on the harbor.A landing area was cordoned off in the club parking lot in North Quincy, just south of Boston, and spotters were ready to help them after the twilight jump.

However, the wind blew one into a yacht club in the nearby Dorchester section of Boston, one fell onto a nearby street, and two splashed into Boston Harbor.

Ray Sayles of Las Vegas suffered head injuries and died this morning at Boston City Hospital, spokesman Paul Sheehan said.

Jim Bozarth, also of Las Vegas, was in stable condition at the hospital. The two other stuntmen were not hospitalized.

"Everyone was laughing" because they thought the skydivers landed in the water, said Phil Coc-co, a club spokesman.