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Recovery Inc., a self-help mental health program, recognizes Marta Pratt for 26 years of loyal service to the community.

When people come to her for help, she has always done whatever was needed and has never sought compliments or accolades of others.She has devoted more than 15 hours a week as a secretary to Recovery. Pratt has also volunteered her time and talents as food preparer for the program's two annual fund-raisers.

"With people like Marta Pratt around, the world is blessed and a much better place," said one of Marta's supervisors.

Did you know that there are a number of affordable recreational programs for kids during the summer months? To locate programs in your area, contact The Information and Referral Center at 978-3333.

For information about listings in the Helping Hand column, call 978-2452.

Assist office in filing, answering telephones and general office work.

Assist with telephones.

Work with refugees in establishing homes.

Event volunteers needed for victim advocate program.

Donate for garage sale for victim assistance program.

Help elderly man with dog care.

Befriend and visit senior citizens.

General clerical work. One or two people needed.

Assist with Sunday afternoon movies. Pop popcorn, run VCR.

Plan events for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Work with patients recovering from surgery for six months.

Work with young women in community outreach program.

Work on data for pamphlets and brochures for nonprofit organization.

Help out in country government school field trip program.

Election judges needed. Training.

Assist victims of domestic violence and hate crimes.

Tutor foster children. Training.

Join the board of directors of a nonprofit agency that works with children.

Assist with education and events for children.

Men needed to mentor children, youth, at correctional facility.

Work with families. Training.

Set up June conference.

Be a host, ranger or archaeology technician in campgrounds statewide.

Teach for the Red Cross.

Read and clip newspaper articles about food bank and hunger.

Deliver food box and visit with homebound elderly folks.

Volunteer at Old Deseret Village.

Be a host for youth piano competition in June.

Plan, set up and clean up Salt Lake City Harmony Festival.

Help woman with disability write and understand information.

Widowed person support group needs volunteers for one-on-one counseling.

Work with fund-raiser. Daylong basketball tourney.

Knit and crochet sweaters, afghans and slippers for people who are ill or homeless. Call noontime.

Teach 55 Alive/Mature Driving Program. Training provided.

Be an usher.

Befriend a senior with grocery shopping, and be a friendly visitor.

Do outreach for health fairs.

Help plan event for people with disabilities.

Help with 24-hour relay to benefit people with disabilities.

Read to people who are blind.

Visit, do light chores for man who is blind. Once or twice a week. West Valley.

Be group leader for "Great Decisions."

Teach computer literacy to senior citizens.

Provide clothing, toys to four boys who have been orphaned.

Assist selling T-shirts for Living Traditions.

Provide security at Children's Museum concert.

Work in visitors center for four hours at Timpanogos Cave.

Pick up and deliver food for two hours. One night a week.

Visit residents and replace ice water and towels at long term care facility.

Take your pet to area care center to visit elderly residents.

Answer phones, type, prepare mailings.

Do data entry.

Work with special-needs children.

Transport hospital patients.

Work in office, information desk at children's hospital.

Beautify downtown Salt Lake.

Drive elderly woman to grocery store.

Be a state-certified ombudsman. Six-month commitment.

Work in crisis nursery.

Help build a house for elderly man.

Nurses needed at immunization clinic in later afternoons, evenings.

Help operate center for disadvantaged youths.

Help people with disabilities with their daily living skills, not personal care. Training.

Answer phones two or three days a week. Training.

Provide assistance, reception work to state agency. Computer skills.

Assist young disabled woman, fix lunch for her.

Do fire inspections at nonlicensed day-care facilities.

Paint, clean up and do yard work.

Help with camp activities. Daytime or weekends.

Learn to tutor in literacy.

Work at Camp Rogers.

Read to people with visual impairments, drive them to appointments.

Monitor and supervise tutoring room at correctional facility.

Visit weekly at rehab center.

Assist young women to sew and crochet while in detention.

Plan activities at senior center.

Donate kitchenware, tables, and chairs.

Provide pickup truck for Utahns Against Hunger.

Donate bed.

Give piano for nursing home.

Donate computers, keyboards.

Provide paper shredder, laser printer.

Give shelving, bookcases.

Provide piano for Dininquiz Park Complex.

Contribute freezer or refrigerator.

Provide swimsuits for adults.

Give electric typewriter, word processor, copy machine, VCR or lawnmower.

Provide dresser, bookshelves and microwave stand that are wheelchair accessible.

Contribute washer and dryer for Mother and children's program.

Donate blankets, pots and pans, tables, chairs for refugees.

Give file cabinet, scanner, plain paper fax, add phone line for

fax/internet, microwave.

Donate dresser, night stands for care center.

Give craft items.

Provide thread, batting and material.

Give four or two drawer file cabinets.

Contribute computer and printer for handicapped man.

Donate toiletries: soap, toothbrushes, and shampoo.

Provide Alpin grafting plater.

Donate fax machine, copier and computer for Teaching the Inner Christ.

Contribute quilting material, batting and buttons.

Provide personal grooming items at VA Medical Center.

Donate desk with center and side drawers.