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There is much truth to the adage that "birds of a feather flock together." Consider those friends close to President Clinton both in Washington and Arkansas: Thirty-three of them have been indicted and nine are in the slammer with Jim and Susan McDougal and Bill's friend, Gov. J. Guy Tucker, next in line to fill a cell at some federal prison.

President Clinton and his wife are, as William Safire wrote and the minority leader Bob Kerry of the Senate expressed, "consummate and skillful liars."On June 18 the Whitewater committee issued its report of the looting of some Arkansas banks by Clinton's friends. The Democrats would like to put the spin on it that it was a political witchhunt. Given the numbers indicted and the prospect that Hillary might be subpoenaed before a grand jury and her close associate Maggie Williamson and Harold Ikes being brought up on perjury charges, it is difficult for the Democratic spin doctors to make their numerous coats of whitewash hide the ugly stains beneath. The truth is leaching through.

Layer by layer the executive corruption is peeled back yet a fixed 42 percent of the voters say this man is OK. Surely America and certain Utahns are not that far gone.

Clinton's situation is at least understandable. He has found that the ultimate aphrodisiac is power, but what justification is there for his supporters who profess to understand honor and fidelity, decency, truth, the Ten Commandments and the divine inspiration of the Constitution?

Responding to the Whitewater report, Sens. Dodd and Sarbone gravely injured the marginal trust Americans have for politicians as they tried to look and sound sincere while defending the indefensible. My, what a job it has been for the Democratic spin doctors to stand day after day to make their miscreant leader look good. Have they no shame either?

Lance Turner