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Q & A

Q. What makes your hands and feet shrivel up like raisins when you sit in water too long?

A. The top layer of a person's skin, the stratum corneum, is actually dead skin and will absorb vast amounts of water, like a sponge, according to Dr. Jerald L. Sklar of Dallas Associated Dermatologists. The rest of the skin below the stratum corneum cannot absorb water. The dead layer sweels in certain areas and not others, hence the ridges Sklar said. "For wrikles to go away, the moisture has to evaporate or be absorbed by the body," he said.

Q. When did high heels come into fashion?

A. high heels hit the fashion scene in the late 17th century. Since then they've been in and out of style and lots of different types have come and gone. The main types of high heels are the French, continental, stiletto and boulevard heels. Slightly lower heels include the set-under heel, Cuban heel, pyramid and wedge. Even lower heels anre the chuncky, cube and pinafore.