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Three new stakes have been created in the Chile, England, and Guatemala.

The La Union Chile Stake, which includes the Caupolican, La Union, Maiten, Radimadi and Rio Bueno 1st wards, and Entre Lagos, Lago Ranco, Rio Bueno 2nd and San Pablo branches, has been created by Elder John B. Dickson of the Seventy.The Momostenango Guatemala Stake was created by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve. The new stake includes the Los Riscos, Patulup, Patzite, San Francisco El Alto and Santa Ana wards, and the Choqui, Nimsituj, Pueblo Viejo, San Bartolo and Tunayac branches.

The Watford England Stake, which includes the Aylesbury, Enfield, Hayes, Watford and Wembley wards, has been created by Elder Graham W. Doxey of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Bolivia, Canada, Chile and England, and in California, New Hampshire and Utah.

New stakes

LA UNION CHILE STAKE: (May 26, 1996) Created from the La Union Chile District. President - Lautaro Roberto Sanchez C., 45, teacher; wife, Clara Eleanira Asencio M. de Sanchez. Counselors - Aristeo Ivan Rios T., 37, self-employed beekeeper; wife, Silcana del Carmen Miranda R. de Rios. Marcelo German Seguel R., 41, refrigeration technician for Rio Bueno Refrigeration; wife, Maria Elena Solis Q. de Seguel.

MOMOSTENANGO GUATEMALA STAKE: (May 12, 1996) Created from the Momostenango Guatemala, Momostenango Guatemala North and Momostenango Guatemala South districts. President - Francisco de J. Rosales S., 40, supervisor of operations and maintenance for Church; wife, Gloria Perez D. de Rosales. Counselors - Cesar Alfredo Gomez G., 28, merchant; wife, Carlota Yasmini Robles G. de Gomez. Vidalmino Zarate P., 37, pastries and bread business owner; wife, Ruth America Hernandes S. de Zarate.

WATFORD ENGLAND STAKE: (April 28, 1996) Created from the London England Hyde Park, St. Albans England and Staines England stakes. President - Michael J. Plant, 54, training projects manager for Span Training; wife, Eileen Mary Denman Plant. Counselors - Chow-Wai Siu, 42, senior purchaser for ITS UK; wife, Debra Elaine Tickner Siu. John A. G. Ryan, 42, executive officer for Ministry of Defense; wife, Jody Rachel Hunt Ryan.

Stake reorganizations

ANDALIEN CHILE STAKE: (Nov. 12, 1995) President - Juan Armando Urra G., 38, sales manager for paper industry; succeeding Pedro Nova Munoz; wife, Soledad Patricia Perez G. de Urra. Counselors - Oscar Nelson Torres Y., 39, director of institute of religion for Church Educational System; wife, Mercedes Marlyng Parra C. de Torres. Armando Parra U., 36, administrator for Minirco Forest Products S.A.; wife, Maria Soledad Palma B. de Parra.

CERRITOS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (May 19, 1996) President - Jack C. Calder, 70, president of Calder Inc.; succeeding George Lydell Jensen; wife, Imojean Lee Calder. Counselors - Dean R. Walgren, 64, manager for Douglas Aircraft; wife, Gloria Jean Gorsuch Walgren. Ronald D. Nunnally, 49, manager for Southern California Edison Co.; wife, April Rhyne Nunnally.

LONDON ENGLAND HYDE PARK STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Paul A. Munden, 38, company director for Munden Construction Management; succeeding Roy Cain; wife, Sue Jane Gautier Munden. Counselors - Julian G. Bell, 37, campaign organizer for The Labour Party; wife, Hermia Mary Timothy Bell. Matthew H. Tueller, 38, foreign service/political officer for U.S. State Department; wife, DeNeece Gurney Tueller.

MONTREAL QUEBEC CANADA STAKE: (May 19, 1996) President - Benoit Duquette, 39, distribution manager for Michelin; succeeding Michel J. Carter; wife, Diane Limoges Duquette. Counselors - Sterling H. Dietze, 35, attorney; wife, Greta del Rocio Hermosa Dietze. Conrad Laplante, retained.

NASHUA NEW HAMPSHIRE STAKE: (June 9, 1996) President - David R. Huntington, 50, marketing director for Dynamic Machine Works Inc.; succeeding Ned B. Wheeler; wife, Peggy Ann Wright Huntington. Counselors - Henry J. O'Connell, 42, vice president of Groton Technology; wife, Kay Marie Andrus O'Connell. John C. Cole, 37, systems engineer for Universal Design at Lincoln Laboratory-MIT; wife, Sandra Marie Tucker Cole.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA PIRAY STAKE: (April 14, 1996) President - Ramiro Antelo S., 37, attorney; succeeding Rolando Antonio Oyola Suarez; wife, Elvira Avalos S. de Antelo. Counselors - Luis Felipe Cardenas M., 31, credit consultant; wife, Laura Rojas V. de Cardenas. Jose Martin Tellez T., 38, owner of bookshop; wife, Hilda Campos D. de Tellez.

SANTAQUIN UTAH STAKE: (April 14, 1996) President - Philip Bigelow Rowley, 49, self-employed fruit grower; succeeding Kendell Thomas Ewell; wife, Shirley Allred Rowley. Counselors - David L. Broadbent, 48, in sales/project management for Banta Information Services Group; wife, Lynda Lee Childs Broadbent. Allen H. Gurney, 49, technical assistant-special education/staff development for Nebo School District; wife, Sandra Sue Snyder Gurney.

SOUTH OGDEN UTAH STAKE: (June 9, 1996) President - Roy E. Stuart, 55, vice president of United Savings Bank; succeeding Victor Dean Castlemain; wife, Eileen Stimpson Stuart. Counselors - Craig V. Nelson, 41, director of College Relations, LDS Business College; wife, Heather Fisher Nelson. Wilden W. Moffett, 59, architect for USDA Forest Service; wife, Marjorie Lee Kent Moffett.