It was by far the biggest and loudest crowd the Utah Grizzlies had played in front of this season.

Many who came were Orlando Solar Bears fans. Many were disgruntled Orlando Magic fans. But the key word in both phrases is "many."Dwarfing the size of any crowd the Delta Center has ever seen for a Grizzly hockey game, the O-rena was filled to the rim with 14,211 fanatics for Game 1 of the Turner Cup Finals Sunday night.

They arrived two hours early. They arrived in masses. They arrived with very loud lungs. And then they arrived some more to see their first glimpse of playoff hockey in Orlando.

These crazed hockey fans - has anyone told them it's June and they're in Florida? - have absolutely gone berserk over their Orlando Solar Bears in the franchise's first season.

And the Grizz loved it.

"I think it was a tremendous hockey atmosphere out there," said Utah coach Butch Goring after the Grizz's 3-2 overtime victory.

The Grizz could only imagine what such a crowd would be like at home, considering their largest playoff crowd has been 7,129.

"We haven't had it like this in any building all year. It was outstanding," added Goring. "If you can't play hockey in this atmosphere you're in the wrong business."

Strangely, it seemed like it had more of an effect on the Grizzlies than the Solar Bears.

"I think we lacked some fire," said Orlando coach Curt Fraser.