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Some 60,000 people could swarm to a 95-acre Woodstock-style show in the foothills above this small rural city if officials find an ordinance that allows such a gathering.

"I know those ordinances back and forth, but I don't know anything about mass gatherings," said city recorder Connie Rice, who has been at City Hall since 1978.Two Utah entertainment promoters, Ted Gallegos and Birl Osmond, are talking to Bluffdale officials about bringing "Bluff-stock '96" to the foothills west of town this summer.

Gallegos said it's an idea he's had for 20 years to replicate the peace and love atmosphere of Wood-stock - a 1969 event that drew 500,000 people to upstate New York.

Gallegos' company, Gallegos Worldwide Arts and Entertainment, is still looking for sponsors for the Aug. 3 event, but the crowd will be there, he said.

"There's people from all over the world coming to this," Gallegos said. "It's not just a concert or a fest; it's an event and a happening."

The big show would include musical impersonations of The Doors, the Rolling Stones, Roy Oberson, Elton John, the Traveling Wil-burys, Elvis with the Teddy-bears and the Beatles. Gallegos said Elvis and the Beatles will be accompanied by an 80-piece symphony.

"This is a huge event. We feel it's going to be bigger than the Rolling Stones (at Salt Lake City's Rice Stadium) attendance-wise," Gallegos said.

Rice and city attorney Gary Crane are poring through ordinances to see if Bluffdale even has a provision for a mass gathering of this proportion. The Planning Commission may take a look at the idea when it meets Tuesday, Rice said.

City Councilman Greg Wolfley was a tad skeptical when he heard about the possible event.

"Frankly, I wondered if it was even real," Wolfley said. "(The promoter) was throwing words like Woodstock around."

Wolfley is open to the idea of "Bluffstock '96," so long as the promoters get all of the physical problems worked out and the people closest to the site - he's one of them - don't mind.

"I wouldn't mind one Saturday of a little bit of music," Wolfley said.

"Bluffstock `96" would also feature a fireworks show, hot-air balloon race, an antique car show, and the musical group Badfinger with the British Invasion. Merrill Osmond will make a cameo appearance as will Beatle George Harrison's sister, Lou Harrison, Gallegos said.

Gallegos owns 10 acres at 15300 S. 3700 West. Special arrangements are being made with neighbors for an additional 85 acres.

"It's beautiful. It's gorgeous. It's a perfect location for this type of event," Gallegos said.

Gallegos said all 95 acres will be "consumed" by the show.

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale June 7.