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On the agenda


The City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss:

- An access plan to 800 North. This will be a work session beginning at 5 p.m. Utah Department of Transportation officials have requested the city prepare the plan before further development occurs along the corridor.

- A review of the Ad-hoc Road Bond Committee recommendations. This will serve as a means of moving forward on a possible bond election in the fall.

- A request from Prowswood Development to allow occupation of their apartments as work progresses.

- A request from Target Stores to amend the site plan, removing the striping on south and west sides of the building and relocating a fence, as per neighbors' requests.

- A conditional use permit to The Boyer Co. for 96 condominium units at approximately 425 W. 1400 South.

- A request from Todd & Associates Inc. to build a 131-room hotel at approximately 425 W. 1300 South with an elevator tower that exceeds the permitted 48-foot height by 7 feet 4 inches.

- A request from US WEST New Vector Group to allow construction of a telephone exchange station with a roof antenna at 1240 E. 800 North (Ventura Studios).

- A request for preliminary approval of 168 condominium units at approximately 1455 N. 1200 West to be built by Gardner & Associates.

The City Council meets at 6 p.m. in the city center at 56 N. State.