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I previously wrote about the media's (in this case the Deseret News) lack of interest in Salt Lake's spending on sports facilities vs. social safety and so on, especially about such cost of new sports facilities to the tune of over $100 million where the over-the-budget cost was over $40 million. Is there any concern over additional taxes? All this happened when we are unable to build and operate new jails. And now we find that we have been unable to properly maintain our water supply system (reportedly for about 50 years). Will there be new taxes on the needed repairs in the form of raised water costs? Perhaps this necessitates only a yawn.

Yet, on the other hand it seems that a good reporter could discover the facts about whether these expenditures might soon provide the revenue to justify these activities or leave us just further in debt. In this case the press could serve to enlighten the readers instead of just yawn the whole process off.Again a lack of interest seems apparent in our national government's Whitewater and file snafu, as the White House leaders explain the file expedition. (So far nine or more persons convicted, one death, two in prison, including the president's close friend, the governor, and still other potential indictments pending.) Your newspaper's concern has been to just yawn off this dangerous procedure by our White House administrators.

We would like to have a newsworthy newspaper - not merely an offshoot of AP and the New York Times, etc. Otherwise we must continue to rely on the talk shows for our frank, full-truth news. It is your call, and we wish you well.

Jim Bonner

Salt Lake City