A man took a stolen tractor on a midnight rampage, crushing a police car as the officer inside vainly tried to stop him by firing his gun. The officer was not seriously injured; the tractor driver fled.

Officer Mike Hanke was treated for minor head injuries and released from a hospital. No one else was injured in Monday's incident, which also involved the destruction of two unoccupied pickup trucks and a parked car.An aerial search failed to find the driver, who ran away when the tractor broke down about a quarter-mile from the smashed police car. Police were circulating a sketch of the suspect.

Hanke was on patrol shortly after midnight in this east-central Nebraska town when the tractor, which had been stolen from a local business, came down the middle of the street, police said.

When Hanke realized the tractor wasn't going to yield, he tried in vain to back up out of the way, then emptied his weapon as the tractor began driving over him.