Stephen Ronnenkamp will start his new job as Granite School District superintendent July 1, and Davis Superintendent Richard Kendell says he probably won't find another assistant superintendent before August.

What will the district do in the meantime?"That's a very good question," Kendell said. "You take a guy like Steve out and it leaves a big hole."

"There are a lot of things that he's been in charge of that need to be picked up by the three of us," said area director Verlan Terry of himself and the district's two other area directors, who currently report to Ronnenkamp.

Ronnenkamp's departure might be seen as a good opportunity to shake up Davis' top-level organization, but Kendell said that won't happen. He likes the current system of one superintendent and three assistant superintendents, without a deputy getting between the top dog and the rank and file.

"Our organization is very flat," he said. "I want the principals to be able to feel they can come here (to his office)."

Kendell said he has no heir apparent in mind to replace Ron-nen-kamp. That's one of the reasons he anticipates the search taking two or three months.

"I would look for a person who could qualify to be superintendent," he said, "who could assume the role on a temporary basis."

With 10 Utah school districts changing superintendents this year, it was a good time to apply. With Kendell's blessing, Ron-nen-kamp went after the top position in several districts, including Ogden, Jordan and Cache before finally striking gold in Granite.

Kendell himself has only a year remaining on his 10-year contract and hasn't thought much about his own future.