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Cottonwood Hospital-

KITCHEN, Joni and Daren, South Jordan, boy, June 3.

MOORE, Mary and Jerry, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

Lakeview Hospital-

ANDERSON, Rebecca and Christian, Bountiful, girl, May 25.

BUSCH, Julia and Daniel, Fruit Heights, boy, May 23.

CARROLL, Carol and Roger, West Bountiful, girl, May 26.

DUNSHEE, Kyra and Patrick, Bountiful, boy, May 30.

GROSSENBACH, Kimberly and Todd, Fruit Heights, boy, June 3.

HOMER, Teresa and Steven, Farmington, girl, May 30.

LDS Hospital-

BRUNER, Jennifer, Salt Lake City, girl, June 4.

LIGHTFOOT, Jennifer and Paul, Salt Lake City, boy, June 4.

MIDGLEY, Deborah and Mark, Salt Lake City, boy, June 4.

NICHOLSON, Sarah and Scott, Logan, girl, June 4.

VEILE, Shelly and Mike, Magna, girl, June 4.

McKay-Dee Hospital Center-

HARPER, Michelle and John, Thatcher, Box Elder County, twin girls, June 3.

ALLEN, Linda and Blaine, North Ogden, boy, June 3.

CAMPBELL, Debbie and Tyler, Ogden, boy, June 3.

DEAN, Sharlene and James, Morgan, boy, June 3.

ERICKSON, Christine and Jeffery, Ogden, boy, June 3.

FARRIS, Robin and Robert, Syracuse, girl, June 3.

LARSEN, Elaine and Paul, Ogden, boy, June 3.

MANSFIELD, Jennifer and C. Paul, Salt Lake City, girl, June 2.

RASMUSSEN, Stacie and Matthew, Ogden, girl, June 3.

WHALEY, Tami and Benjamin, Ogden, girl, June 4.

PHC Regional Hospital and Medical Center-

CURTIN, Ruthann and Matt, Highland, girl, June 4.

HOKANSON, Keri, Kearns, boy, May 31.

KEE, Laurie and JAMICSON, Rentz, Salt Lake City, girl, June 3.

McANALLY, Tamara, Kearns, boy, May 31.

McINELLY, Jennifer and BOYDSTON, Scott, West Valley City, girl, June 1.

OSBORNE, Carolanne, Salt Lake City, boy, June 1.

ROBINSON, Sammi and Glenn, West Valley City, girl, May 31.

University Birth Center-

DAVIS, Cheryl and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 5.

University Hospital-

ANICA, Lorena and ALFREDO, Jose, Salt Lake City, boy, June 5.

JULIETTE, Lisa and Jerrick, Salt Lake City, girl, June 4.

PACHECO, Tammy, Salt Lake City, boy, April 26.

PADILLA, Amaris and Ismial, Rexburg, Idaho, boy, June 4.

RANSOM, Staci and Todd, Bountiful, boy, June 4.

VIGIL, April, Salt Lake City, girl, June 4.

YI, Hong and PENG, Wie, Salt Lake City, girl, May 29.