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An aggressive equipment replacement program, accelerated road repair and new employees are on the list for this year's tentative budget for Springville.

The largest increase is reflected in the streets department due to major road repair programs and the city's portion of cost for the new road at 800 South. Other projects include upgrading utilities, preliminary planning for a new well and water tank, and level pump control monitoring system at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.The power department will continue the expansion project at the Whitehead power station and has budgeted $575,000 for new electric meters throughout the city that will allow for electronic readings.

Although the city continues in a steady growth pattern, operating and maintenance costs are projected to increase only slightly for the coming year. Power purchases and fuel costs will increase by $235,000 over fiscal year 1996. Insurance costs at $178,600 will increase by 13 percent over last year.

The budget report indicates Springville's active involvement with a long-range general plan. The report from Mayor Delora Bertelsen and the City Council says, "The city's intent is to maximize the scarce resources provided in a diverse economic environment and still provide to our citizens all the services to which they are accustomed."

This year's budget includes three new full-time employees in the police department and five part-time employees in other departments. A projected 3 percent cost-of-living increase was provided to all employees in this year's budget.

Perhaps following neighboring Mapleton's lead, the City Council and mayor resolved to change salary structures, which are substandard to the service area.

A determination was made by the council that in the future all promotional adjustments will be made vertically without adjusting step changes backwards, which city recorder Doug Bird says fosters more equity and consistency throughout the city.

Some capital projects are funded through a depreciation account due to their high costs. Bird said this process allows several years to accumulate the needed funding. Projects include a sprinkling system at the golf course, waterlines and fire engines.

In the budget summary the mayor said, "We are fortunate to have a city as beautiful and appealing as Springville and a city government that operates within budget. We could not have a city with such a high quality of life without the dedication of the many who volunteer their time and money to promote Springville city."



Springville Budget

General Fund: $5,454,950


General Fund: $5,052,000


Where it comes from:

Property tax: $1,412,900

Last year: $1,290,868

Sales tax: $1,688,200

Last year: $1,460,100

Licenses and permits: $510,350

Last year: $449,600

Intergovernmental: $498,800

Last year: $435,015

Service fees: $210,780

Last year: $198,600

Administration fees: $785,420

Last year: $861,493

Where it goes:

Police: $1,544,825

Last year: $1,347,405

Streets: $1,124,020

Last year: $1,026,920

Parks: $405,265

Last year: $362,345

Library: $329,760

Last year: $295,750

Administration: $878,370

Last year: $806,390

Recreation: $234,750

Last year: $177,040

Tax/fee increases: