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Best Bets

It's June, the networks are in reruns and cable has yet to crank anything into high gear for the summer. So the TV pickings are pretty lean.

Still, if you want to feed that TV addiction of yours - and you've got 11 1/2hours to burn - MTV is airing a "Real World" marathon on Saturday begining at 9 a.m.That's right. All 23 episodes of the shows fourth season - 11 1/2 hours of those aggravating, engrossing youngsters picked to live in London and have their lives taped.

This fourth season didn't live up to the third or first years, but - on the other hand - the London bunch was a lot better than those whiners from the second season. And, as always, "Real World" is an oddly entrancing bit of voyeurism that just might sink its hooks in you.

So if you've got a spare half a day - or a couple of video tapes - enjoy!