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According to Billboard magazine, the coming week's top 10 video music sales nationwide are:

1."The Video Collection: Vol. II," Garth Brooks (Capitol)

2."Live at Madison Square Garden," Mariah Carey (Columbia) (Platinum)

3."Remotely Controlled," Mark Lowry (World)

4."The Woman in Me," Shania Twain (PolyGram) (Platinum)

5."Our First Video," Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Dualstar) (Platinum)

6."Unplugged," Kiss (PolyGram)

7."The Compleat Beatles," The Beatles (MGM-UA) (Platinum)

8."Pulse," Pink Floyd (Columbia) (Platinum)`

9."R.I.O.T.," Carman (Sparrow)

10."Live at the Acropolis," Yanni (BMG) (Platinum)