Three articles on the business-finance page B11 of the July 3 Deseret News caught my eye because of the conflict between the articles.

The first article titled "Bureau to thank ambassadors" reported about those being honored by the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau for helping to bring conventions into the state and city. The article also mentioned the amount of money that the convention delegates would probably spend in the state.The other two articles reported on the four-day convention of the Utah Bankers Association held in Sun Valley, Idaho.

This is the second year that the UBA has gone to Sun Valley for its convention. Is there something about the convention centers in Utah compared to those in Idaho the UBA knows about that the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau does not?

Why does the UBA worry about the financial future of this state and then hold its convention outside of it? Maybe they just had to have their lottery tickets!

Before we congratulate "ambassadors" for bringing conventions into the state, we ought to take a closer look at the state conventions that are leaving.

Floyd E. Hebdon

Salt Lake City