Contrary to Patrick B. Abernathy's (July 3) comment about how the Deseret News has sadly not fulfilled its responsibility to publish conservative propaganda so craved for in this state, I must say that I am somewhat pleased with the Deseret News. I subscribe to the Salt Lake Tribune and read the Deseret News online. I choose to subscribe to the Tribune for reasons similar to Pat's. I consider myself liberal and want to read a paper that at times tries to be liberal, although the Tribune does publish conservative propaganda garbage by Cal Thomas. At least I know what the other side thinks even if it isn't much more than what a cat thinks.

Once in a great while, the Deseret News prints both sides of the story. If there is going to be any communication and understanding between people of different opinions, they should at least read what the other side is thinking. No one gets a clear view of the world if all one reads is NRA newsletters or the New Republic (if one is a conservative). The same holds true for those who only read Mother Jones or the Utne Reader (if one is a liberal). Balance is achieved when one hears both sides of the same story - the conservative view and the truth. A paper that gives only one view twists the reader's opinion on the subject. You might as well be listening to Rush Limbaugh rather than be reading a paper.Pat Abernathy wants only to fill his brain with conservative propaganda that will fuel the fire for his rage against liberals (the people who care about other people). It's a shame the Deseret News prints the other side of things once in a while to make people think and question their values and opinions. I can see why Pat is so uncomfortable.

Matthew Lentz

Salt Lake City