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For 37 years, Paul Richard Archuleta thought he had just five children. Four months ago, he found out about a sixth.

Archuleta, who lives in Salt Lake City, learned about his daughter Delaine Padilla after the Pueblo woman conducted a door-to-door search in an attempt to find the father she had never met."I always wanted to know him, but I was afraid," Padilla said, explaining that her mother and Archuleta had a short relationship but never married. "I waited too long before I found him in April."

Padilla said her mother told her Archuleta was her natural father, but it wasn't until she started knocking on doors in Utah that she tried to find Archuleta. Padilla eventually found a cousin who gave her Archuleta's address in Salt Lake City.

After several letters, some phone conversations and a paternity test, Padilla and Archuleta met each other and their separate families. Padilla has two sons, and Archuleta has five children.

"I felt like I've known them all my life," Padilla said of her five half-brothers and half-sisters. "They were so nice to me."

Last week, Archuleta got to meet some of his "new" family as well - two grandsons and two great-grandchildren.

"They just love him to pieces," Padilla said. "They're real happy for me."

Padilla said she can't afford to make regular trips to Salt Lake City, but she plans to attend an Archuleta family reunion next year.

"On my side of the family we're all close, from brothers to fifth cousins," Archuleta said. "I've told them all about her and they're anxious to meet her."

Padilla also is eager to meet the rest of her newly discovered family, but the introductions will not top finally learning that she wasn't abandoned by a father who didn't care.

"Now I can live my life the way I'm supposed to," she said.