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Andre Agassi just can't stay out of the spotlight.

After hitting a ball into the stands and cursing the umpire Wednesday night, Agassi was disqualified from the RCA Championships during his match against Daniel Nestor.Agassi had just been broken in the fifth game of the second set of his second-round match when he hit a ball into the stands. He was cited for ball abuse by chair umpire Dana Laconto.

Agassi then shouted an expletive at the umpire, who in turn called for ATP Tour supervisor Mark Darby to confer with Agassi. That meeting ended with Darby instructing Laconto to default Agassi, giving the match to Nestor 1-6, 3-2 (default).

"I got a warning, then he went straight to default," Agassi said. "I felt I had an argument for not getting a point penalty.

"It's something I've said a thousand times," Agassi said, "and today they decide that crossed the line."

The crowd reacted to the default by booing and throwing paper, towels and water bottles onto the court.

Agassi sat on his chair for a few minutes, then left the court still fuming. The crowd cheered Agassi as he departed.

"I will take responsibility for getting a warning and I will take responsibility for getting upset on the court, like I have done a thousand times," Agassi said. "But I will not accept this decision. It was a wrong decision."

Coming off tournament wins at the ATP Championships in Cincinnati last week and the Olympics the week before, Agassi was playing his first match of the tournament.