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How many women have donned the latest fashion trend only to meet with snickers that it looks outrageous or inappropriate on them? Such women have long been victimized by designers who make clothes for mythical creatures who are impossibly tall and thin and carry fat wallets.

Now, according to a series this week in The New York Times, many designers have become victims of women who have liberated themselves from impractical costumes and strait-jacketed power suits, opting instead for clothes that are softer, more casual, more pragmatic and less expensive.Smart, stylish women have always adjusted the latest styles to their own advantage. But now the demographic bulge of aging baby boomers is leading a mini-revolt against arrogant designers and retailers, demanding clothes that can comfortably span work and play, with caring for children and homes in between. At the same time, office dress codes have relaxed, and many women want to spend less time and money on clothes, preferring fitness centers, adventure trips or charity work.

Many designers and retailers are dropping their costliest lines. Those that are surviving stress practical clothes, reasonable prices and stores that make shopping easier. But those fashion houses that try to stuff women into unflattering, impractical outfits are becoming fashion victims themselves.