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Don't doubt Jack Kemp's role in the upcoming presidential election. Bob Dole's running mate will be the conscience, the facilitator, the heart of the ticket who will pursue the minority, the female, the poor vote.

"We will go into every borough and barrio in this country (to campaign)," said Kemp in accepting the Republican Party's vice presidential nomination. "We will pursue every man, woman, (person of color) and background. We will not leave anyone out. We may not get every vote; but we will speak to every heart, the whole American family."In fact, just before Kemp's speech the Log Cabin Club, a group of gay and lesbian Republicans who have a small but vocal chapter in Utah, held a press conference to say they believe they can work with Kemp and hope he will be their link in the campaign and ultimately the Dole administration.

Dole's pick of Kemp, a former New York congressman from Buffalo, former Housing and Urban Development secretary, former pro football quarterback, energized this convention before the delegates walked into the muggy southern California sunshine.

"It is not that we win. But that we are worthy of winning," Kemp told the cheering delegates.

Kemp, 61, said before accepting Dole's invitation that he wouldn't be an attack dog on the Democrats. He hasn't yet. But he did criticize the current administration and what he called the Democratic philosophy of governing.

"There's a feeling out there in America that something isn't right. We may be moving forward (the economy is growing), but it is like the ship is dragging an anchor. We are overwhelmed with taxes and regulation. You see, Democrats trust the government, not the people. Those leading the Democratic Party are elitists, they trust the government more than the markets.

"What will Bob Dole and Jack Kemp do? We will scrap the flawed tax code of America, get a pro-growth, pro-family (agenda) for the 21st century."

Kemp said a Dole administration will end regulatory intrusiveness.

"And we'll cut the capital gains tax in half and not apologize for it; give a 15 percent income tax cut to all Americans; and a child credit of $500. For we believe the American people can use their money more wisely than the government."