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CHILD SOLD? An American woman reportedly told police in Cancun, Mexico, Saturday that her daughter bought a child from an Indian woman and tried to claim the boy as her own, a Mexican newspaper reported. Laurie Henderson, 36, and her mother, Beverly Gehke, remained in jail Saturday. By law, they must be released on Sunday unless charges are filed. The two women are from Madison, Wis., officials said. Gehke told authorities that her daughter received the child in exchange for hospital and other costs of about $950, the daily Novedades de Cancun reported, quoting a state prosecutor in Cancun.ACCIDENT: Twenty tons of superfine carbon powder spilled from a stolen truck Saturday, spreading a black, sticky film over a swath of countryside, houses and pets in southwestern England. The powder, used in the manufacture of tires, was in a trailer stolen Friday evening and attached to a stolen truck near the city of Bristol, 100 miles west of London. While driving north with the trailer in tow, the powder spewed out for about 20 miles. A spokeswoman for the government's Environment Agency said the powder was nontoxic and would not harm the environment.

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FUGITIVE MOVED: Fugitive Jimmy Smyth was moved Saturday from a federal prison in California amid speculation he was extradited to Northern Ireland, his attorney said. Richard Kelly, an attorney for Smyth, said it was not immediately clear whether he was extradited. "We don't know," said Kelly. "We fear he was placed on a plane to Belfast." Smyth, one of 38 inmates who escaped from Northern Ireland's Maze prison in 1983, has battled British efforts to extradite him since he was arrested in 1992 in San Francisco.

RIOT: Fed-up passengers from a canceled flight from Miami to Paris confronted police in Miami's airport Friday night, leading to a scuffle and three arrests, police said Saturday. The Rich International charter flight was canceled after 365 passengers waited nearly seven hours for the flight and became disorderly when police tried to calm the irate vacationers.