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MONDAY: Congress in recess until Sept. 4; President Clinton travels to Tennessee. Green Party nominates consumer activist Ralph Nader as its 1996 presidential candidate. First Wireless Communications Conference in Boulder, Colo.

TUESDAY: Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee meets to review interest rates. Bob Dole speaks to Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Louisville, Ky.WEDNESDAY: - Miss Teen USA Pageant in Las Cruces, N.M. Vice President Al Gore addresses national VFW convention. Atlanta holds public hearing on its 911 system, which has come under fire for its handling of the Olympic park bomb threat.

THURSDAY: Hearing in Malibu, Calif., for actor Robert Downey Jr. on drug charges.

FRIDAY: Strike planned by British subway and rail workers.

SATURDAY: Rave party/UFO "Burning Man" festival on land adjacent to Area 51 and along Nevada's new "Extraterrestrial Highway." International Association of Fire Chiefs meets in Kansas City.

SUNDAY: Paralympics closing ceremonies in Atlanta.