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Just as firefighters gained the upper hand in wildfires across the state, new blazes lit up Sunday.

In less than 24 hours the Cunningham Wash fire burned 920 acres Sunday. Three engines are working on the fire, burning near Beaver. Officials have no expected date for the fire's containment or control, said Anne Stanworth, of the Bureau of Land Management.Another fire in Rush Valley, west of Tooele, burned 400 acres Sunday evening. The one strike crew and two crews fighting the Hickman fire hope to contain the blaze by Monday night and control it Tuesday morning, according to Salt Lake Interagency Dispatch. Authorities think the fire may have been human-caused.

Meanwhile, wildfires across most of the state have slowed down with cooler weather and high humidity.

The 15,160-acre Adelaide fire, located between Kanosh and Cove Fort in Fishlake National Forest, was declared contained Sunday evening. Four crews, five engines and two helicopters continue to mop up. Firefighters hope to have the fire, which started early this month, controlled by Wednesday, said Kathy Thompson of Richfield Fire Interagency.

A fire is considered contained after crews have established natural and man-made barriers around the flames. Once fire crews determine the flames will stay within those barriers, the fire is called controlled.

Crews also made progress with the 1,032acre Paiute fire, burning 14 miles northwest of St. George. After repeated air drops on the fire burning in rugged terrain Sunday, crews brought the blaze to 80 percent containment.

Fire officials hope to contain the fire Monday evening and have it controlled by Thursday, said Jeanne Felmy, of the Eastern Great Basin Coordination Center.

Within miles of the Paiute fire, the 312-acre Pacoon Flat fire was declared controlled Sunday.

Crews have also made strides with the 630-acre Hen's Peak fire, burning 10 miles northeast of Loa. Two crews, one helicopter and one engine brought the fire to 90 percent containment Sunday. Fire officials hope to have the fire controlled Tuesday.

Likewise, the 300-acre One Eye fire, 39 miles northeast of Green River, was contained Sunday night. Crews expected to control it Monday.

Several other fires were declared controlled Sunday including the 850-acre Black Cedar Ridge fire, two miles northeast of Fillmore; the 500-acre Daniels Canyon fire; and the 320-acre Deer Trail fire.