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Eldon Cox has been a group leader of Recovery Inc. since 1979. He leads a two-hour support group meeting each week, teaching and demonstrating a method for good mental health. In the past, he served as area leader for 13 local groups in Utah and Idaho and now serves on the board of the directors and the finance committee for the national headquarters. He has contributed at least 1,800 hours as group leader and 950 hours as area leader.

Recovery Inc. is a nonprofit mental health organization that helps those in need. Some problems are panic attacks, fears, phobias and depression. Cox is helping to educate society about a misunderstood stigma so that others may enjoy a better quality of life.Did you know that there are a number of affordable recreational programs for kids during the summer months? To locate programs in your area, contact The Information and Referral Center at 978-3333.

For information about listings in the Helping Hand column, call 978-2452.

Help build homes for low-income people. Skilled and unskilled laborers needed.

Do public relations for interfaith group.

Learn to be a docent or zoo aid or interpreter.

Serve on advisory board.

Tutor elementary school kids.

Do job placement and mentoring.

Help families with language skills. Training.

Do office work, answer phone.

Be an office manager.

Be a mentor for disadvantaged young women.

Skilled office manager needed. Good organizational and computer skills.

Sell cookies. Fund-raiser event at Children's Museum.

Mentor disadvantaged women. Training and materials.

Staff hotline or help with education. Volunteers needed to lead discussion about AIDS at schools. Training.

Help young adults with disabilities. Training.

Harvest tomatoes in Bluffdale garden to benefit Utah Food Bank.

Inspect, sort food for Utah Food Bank.

Link people with services. Information and referral.

Help victims. One year commitment, training.

Help, visit with and solicit donations for young pregnant women. Training.

Update information for resource manual to help people who have terminal illness.

Remove tree stumps and trash for elderly woman.

Coordinate picking of fruits and vegetables for Share the Harvest.

Lead tours through renovated mansion.

Do weeding and harvesting.

Staff hotline, help victims of rape and assault. Training.

Play chess with man at nursing home.

Give out tickets to reopening of Governors Mansion.

Visit depressed and mentally anxious woman.

Help low-income Utahns apply for utility assistance.

Be a mentor to youths in detention.

Tutor young children. Training.

Visit woman who would like someone to share ideas with.

Bake a cake, provide treats once a month for youths in detention.

Shelter homes need sheets, pans and dishes, toys, diapers and clothing.

Tutor elementary school children, translate, more.

Provide temporary shelter to children who have been abused or neglected.

Nurses needed to visit ill people three or four hours a week.

Help with laundry, take out garbage for people who are disabled.

Assist office in filing, answering telephones and general office work.

Assist with telephones.

Work with refugees in establishing homes.

Visit, play cards with elderly residents.

Event volunteers needed for victim advocate program.

Give garage sale items for Victim Assistance Program

Befriend and visit senior citizens.

General clerical work. One or two people needed.

Assist with Sunday afternoon movies. Pop popcorn, run VCR.

Plan events for Make A Wish Foundation.

Work with patients recovering from surgery for six months.

Help out in county government school field trip program.

Work with young women in community outreach program.

Assist projects and events for children at museum.

Be an election judge. Training.

Assist victims of domestic violence and hate crimes.

Tutor foster children. Training.

Join the board of directors of a nonprofit agency that works with children.

Men needed to mentor children, youth, at correctional facility.

Work with families. Training.

Be campground host, ranger or archeology technician.

Read and clip newspaper articles about food bank and hunger.

Part-time assistant needed to teach, coordinate events for Red Cross.

Deliver food box and visit with homebound elderly folks.

Volunteer at Old Deseret Village.

Help woman with disability write and understand information.

Widowed person support group needs volunteers for one-on-one counseling.

Knit and crochet sweaters, afghans and slippers for people who are ill or homeless. Call noontime.